Connecting my blog posts to Twitter!

I just added a WordPress Plugin called “WP to Twitter,” which will allow me to automatically tweet a link when I make a new post to my blog.

If you’re on Twitter and would like to get updates, it should be as easy as just following me!

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#20 how did they get the crayons to stay on the caavns. I tried and the blow dryer just blew away the crayons. I then tried to hold a single crayon, but it got to hot!


Hey Niko,

I was able to get the crayons to stick using hot glue. Whether you leave the wrapper on the crayon or not, you can just hot glue it to the canvas and it will stay put. It may get undone once in awhile due to the high heat of the blowdryer, but in general it should stay put.

Thanks for the comment!


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