Gingerbread House 2009

Check out Alys and my gingerbread house that we made in December 2009!

This was our 5th gingerbread house (Pics from 1-4 can be found in the first post of this blog). This year, we were going for a chateau design with a long sloping roof.

Inside, we put some red and yellow (USC colors) christmas lights that Alys’s dad had given her, and that worked out really well!

Half of the light string went inside and there was just enough left over to make a loop around the base. Unfortunately, the picture was a little blurry:


Because we had so much success the previous year with sugar pane windows, we decided to go all out and make a huge multi-pane front window. Unfortunately, we hadn’t perfected the sugar recipe so the windows frosted over, but it still let light through. I didn’t take enough pictures of the process this time!

The size of this gingerbread house made it very difficult to assemble. With all of the candy piled onto the roof, it made it really heavy and it kept sliding down the frame with its super steep angle. Also, after about 2 weeks, a few small cracks formed in the main front window as it settled a little bit.



Overall, we had a great time making this house, and I thought it was one of our best so far. We really tried to go big that year and it worked out. We decided to take a break from the building in 2010, but we made a comeback in 2011, which I will post soon!


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