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Alys and I were walking through Michael’s arts and crafts store when we came across this kit called “Stencil Art.” It was from the Klutz book series, which we had both grown up with, so we decided to try it out:

Stencil Stamp Art (8)stencilartextras


The set comes with a book that has 4 plastic stencil sheets. The idea is to use the mini stampers to dab some ink and then use the stencils to create artwork. It worked really well and was very easy to do. The stencils left very clean lines and the bright colors allowed you to mix and blend (as long as you let the colors dry in between!). We decided to make thank you cards for some of the graduation gifts that we got, and had a lot of fun coming up with some creative designs. Here are some of the first ones we made:

Stencil Stamp Art (2)

We really enjoyed the set and had a lot of fun, but we felt a little bit limited by the colors that we could use. Therefore, we had the idea to make additional stampers so that we could upgrade to a larger stamp pad with more colors! We bought 2 different diameter wood dowels, one for the shaft of the stamper, and one for the wider head. After cutting the thinner dowels to the correct stamper length, we drilled a small hole in the thicker diameter dowel so that the stamper body made a perfect fit, and we hot glued it in place. We also found some small foam squares that we cut into circular stamp heads.

We bought a stamp pad with many more color options, which came with little labels for each color that we attached to our new stampers. We also made a little holder by just drilling some holes in a scrap piece of wood. This is what the finished product looked like:

Stencil Stamp Art (1)

Armed with our new stampers and a whole new set of colors, we really went to town stamping out a ton of new designs.

Stencil Stamp Art (6) Stencil Stamp Art (9)

And here are some of our completed cards. As you can see, we really had a diverse set of colorful designs, including fun(ny) scenes and abstract themes.

Stencil Stamp Art (3)

Stencil Stamp Art (4)

Stencil Stamp Art (5)

Thanks for reading!

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