Swarovski Crystal Chicks

I have always wanted to make the little 3D charms out of swarovski crystals, but it is so hard finding a good pattern for something like this.  I finally found one in February 2010 on a japanese forum somewhere and I knew we had to try it.  I ordered all of the swarovski crystals off of eBay and bought some very thin fishing wire from a sporting goods store.  Once all of the parts arrived, Alys, Aaron, and I went to work.


  • Thin fishing wire
  • Swarovski Crystals (see instructions for quantities)
  • Patience

So many Swarovski crystal colors to choose from!



This is where all of my years of Japanese classes actually paid off.  I can read the materials quantity in the top right blue box on the instructions.


#5301 is the code for “Bicone” Swarovski crystals.  The colors are in Japanese, and they read:

  • #5301/5mm  Light Blue (1)
  • #5301/4mm  Light Blue (25)
  • #5301/4mm  Pearl White (5)
  • #5301/4mm  Light Topaz (2)
  • 80 cm fishing line (I actually can’t read this and am guessing!)

The Build


We actually enjoyed it so much that we ordered more Swarovski crystals in different colors.  We kept the same “Pearl White” for the bird’s breast and just substituted colors for the “Light Blue.”  We ended up using both “Rose” and “Erinite,” and they both turned out great!

Unfortunately, I didn’t snap any pictures, so you’ll have to trust me on this one.  Also, that yellow one in the middle is a slight variation on the blue ones, but I seem to have lost those instructions!



The faces of success


Our tough chickie gang – Better watch out!


Overall, making these couldn’t be more fun, and they turned out really well.  They were fun little charms to have or give away as gifts.

My mom bought a small little phone charm strap and attached it to her phone and it has held up quite well.  One thing that was nice about this project was that it was a quick-hitter (~30 min) and they turned out so cute!

Ok, so I may have gotten a little carried away with the pictures!


The best part may have been getting Aaron out of his comfort zone with some crafts! :)

Thanks for reading!