Crayon Melting Art in San Diego

A few weeks ago Bosco, Christine, Alys, and I took a weekend trip down to San Diego for some fun and relaxation. We were lucky that the weather was great, and we enjoyed hiking around some cliffs by the ocean, checking out tidepools, enjoying good food, and playing a few of Bosco’s fun knock-off games from China.

Bosco and I also planned a surprise arts and crafts night at the hotel room with some melted crayon art that we had seen on the internet!

In a nutshell, we hot glued crayons to a canvas and then use a blow dryer to melt the crayons and let the colored wax run. Bosco and Christine worked on one canvas, and Alys and I the other.

It was a ton of fun!


As far as supplies, all you need is:

  • Hot glue gun
  • Canvases
  • Black paint
  • Crayons

Bosco had the smart idea of getting black canvases so that the crayons would have a more dramatic effect.

On a trip to Michael’s, we found that black canvases were about 4 times more expensive, so we bought some white ones on sale and some black paint, and we had what we wanted in no time:


We also bought a selection of crayons. The 24 packs of Crayola crayons were $1.99 each, and the “ColorZone” 64 packs were just $1! It was too good of a deal to pass up.

However, one thing we had to consider was that the crayon wrappers will be left behind as part of the art after the wax has melted away, and Crayola would be a recognizable brand. In the end, we all used the ColorZone crayons because of the wider range of color.


Gluing on the Crayons

Alys and I decided to first unwrap all of the ColorZone crayons so that we could work with just the colored wax. We then arranged all of the crayons by color, and we removed the darkest 15-20 crayons so we could keep the brighter ones against the dark background:


We then began hot gluing the crayons to the canvases. Bosco and Christine wanted to create a more abstract pattern. Bosco designed one corner (primary colors) and Christine the other (pinks and purples). Alys and I decided to glue our crayons in a wavy pattern. Here are some action shots of the gluing in progress:

image008 image005

Our finished design just before melting…



Next came the fun part – Melting! One thing that we didn’t predict was how much wax flies everywhere when it starts heating up. In order to melt the crayons, we had to put the blow drier on the highest setting. This made for a cool, unpredictable design. Bosco and Christine on the left, Alys and me on the right:

image009 image011

Always be sure you wear protection! :)


Finished Product

We were all really happy with the way these turned out!



Other Pics From San Diego

I just wanted to share a few pictures of our San Diego trip!

image002 image003 image004


Thanks for reading!