Crocheted Despicable Me Minion

Alys and I absolutely love the movie Despicable Me, and we can’t get enough of those cute minions!

I was browsing the internet for some craft ideas one day and I came across this adorable minion crochet pattern at My Crocheted World and I just had to try it.  I decided it would make the perfect Christmas present for Alys.

Final Product

Minion 2

I bought some cheap yarn to practice on and a size F-5 hook (English size 9, 3.75 mm), searched for some how-to videos on Youtube and went to work practicing my single and double crochet.  The secret to getting going was the “Magic Circle” technique to start the pattern: Youtube Magic Circle

I had knitted quite a bit back in high school, but I had never tried crochet before.  I found the most difficult part was learning to count the stitches, especially because crocheting these patterns was basically a spiral pattern where you crochet continuously so it was easy to lose count.

The Pattern

Download Here:  My Crocheted World_ Despicable Me Minion Free Crochet Pattern!!

The pattern is very easy to follow once you figure out the conventions:

  • sc – Single Chain
  • mc – Magic Circle
  • Inc – Increase
  • Dec – Decrease
  • Rnd – Basically the row you’re on
  • sl st – Slip Stitch
  • ch – Chain

Also, check out Shelley’s Vimeo page from for her amazing video tutorials!

Instructions 1

Instructions 2

Progress Pictures!

Here are some pictures of the minion in progress:

The yellow pill-shaped body fully stuffed.  I used POLY-FIL brand 100% polyester fiberfill I picked up from Michaels to stuff the body.

Yellow Yarn


I then crocheted and stitched on the arms to make sure the the overalls were made the fit.  I then crocheted the legs and stitched them to the overalls.


Minion 3

I thought it was super funny that his pants/legs could come off separately, so I left it like that instead of securing them on!


I finished off the goggles and stitched them to the head.  I used black embroidery floss for the mouth.  I also picked up some super small buttons from Michaels for the overall buttons.

So Cute!

Minion Finished

Hope you enjoyed it!  Let me know how yours turns out!


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