Swarovski Crystal Chicks

I have always wanted to make the little 3D charms out of swarovski crystals, but it is so hard finding a good pattern for something like this.  I finally found one in February 2010 on a japanese forum somewhere and I knew we had to try it.  I ordered all of the swarovski crystals off… Read the rest

Water Balloons + Paint + Darts = Art

Have you ever seen the movie Princess Diaries?  Well Alys, Kris, and I had a ton of fun recreating the scene with darts thrown at balloons filled with paint in October of 2010. The idea was to inflate water balloons with air, put paint inside, and mount them to a canvas. We then threw darts… Read the rest

Catching up on Blog Posts

I have a new year’s resolution: to at least catch up on some of the highlights of 2011 including hang outs with friends, various crafts, and family time! This new motivation has been inspired by seeing some really great blogs out there including Hack-A=Week and 50 First Crafts. These blogs are just so much fun… Read the rest

Make Your Own Fizzy Fruit

A few weeks ago, Alys and I made fizzy fruit (carbonated fruit!) using a few things and some fresh fruit. The fruit is delicious and has a small bite to it from the carbonation. The fruit is 100% safe and contains no additives at all except carbon dioxide which is an inert gas used to… Read the rest

Extra Fancy Chocolate Covered Strawberries

For my second post, I wanted to make a tutorial on chocolate covered strawberries! I made these for Alys for valentines day. They look super fancy, but are really easy to make. Enjoy! What You Need: Dark and White Chocolate Chips (good quality!) Fresh Strawberries Sliced Almonds Pot with Water Ceramic or Pyrex Bowl and… Read the rest

Gingerbread House 2008

I just wanted to share with you guys the gingerbread that Alys and I created over winter break 2009. This is our 4th year baking a gingerbread house, and each year it gets a little bit better. I usually draw out a design first and construct a model out of paper. We then make the… Read the rest